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KAFiN8 Roasting Co.

Great Coffee is our passion. Roasting is our Art.

We are proud to serve you quality coffee beans.
KAFiN8 Coffee believes in delivering only the most fresh roasted coffee beans, packed with flavor. Our coffee beans will never exceed 7 days,
which is the prime age for roasted coffee beans. We are honored to be able to share our passion through lessons and our products.

Serving aromatic freshly roasted coffee beans, we invite you to explore and discover the coffee bean’s flavor and depth at its best.

Medium Roast Coffees
Our medium-roasted coffees are perfect for the in-between palate – not to soft, not too strong. A smooth and balanced medium-roasted KAFiN8 coffee is a friendly constant throughout the day, reminding you that things are right just the way they are.

Dark Roast Coffees
It’s easy to get lost in the moment over a robust cup of your favorite dark-roasted coffee. Fuller-bodied and bold, these coffees feature robust flavors and a lush mouthfeel. Each cup is full of enough body and intrigue to entrance the senses until the last drop.

coffee Beans

medium roast
100% Arabica Beans
Thailand’s Finest
Mountain-Grown Coffee
Best if consumed
within 10 days of opening.
keep cool to extend freshness.
Note: Roasted coffee beans can be frozen.
Place of Origin: Chiang Rai
Roasted and packed by KAFiN8 in Phuket. Thailand

Green beans 1.2 kg            360 THB
Medium Roast 250 gram     220 THB
Medium Roast 1 kg             740 THB      22 EUR

“Please contact us for wholesale pricing”